Sonic Vault International is a music company offering a complete range of services for film, television, video games, advertising and online media. SVI has established a solid reputation for successful collaborations with directors, producers, studios and production companies. Led by a team of global industry professionals, the company combines creative music & audio services with an expertise in custom scores, music licensing and copyright administration. Whether in animation, live-action, stage, games or theme parks, SVI’s team is there to see a project through production, on time and within budget.
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Gigi Meroni

Emmy Award winning composer Gigi Meroni has been writing music for media for over 20 years. He worked at Hans’s Zimmer Media Ventures as he started scoring independent films, video games, TV shows and countless animated features.
His music can be heard on successful TV shows such as What’s New Scooby Doo? (Warner Bros), Lala Oopsies (MGA), Norm of the North (Lionsgate), Yoohoo and Friends, Action Dad (Toonzone Studios) and many more. On the feature film side, he has been working extensively in Italy with award winning director Marco Ponti. Gigi collaborated on music scores with a large variety of internationally renowned artists such as composer Lalo Schifrin, Simple Plan and guitarist Tom Morello.

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Deddy Tzur

Deddy Tzur is an award winning composer and business man working across various creative industries worldwide. Born in the Netherlands, educated in the US and based in Sydney Australia he is conversational in several languages and has composed, conducted and produced music for films, concert halls, television shows, video games and new media. His credits include The Golden Compass, Transformers, The Avengers, Digimon, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lost Planet, The Bachelor, Addams Family and many more. Deddy’s music has been featured on major TV shows including as The Big Bang Theory, Ellen Degeneres Show, TMZ, MAD and a variety of CNN specials. In recent years, Deddy has composed and collaborated with renowned Chinese actors, directors and producers.

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Daniel Alcheh

Composer and music technologist Daniel Alcheh is a seasoned music professional with more than twenty years of experience. His music can be heard in feature films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials and star, among many others, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken, Brie Larson, Peter Fonda, Lucy Liu, Michael C Hall, Ed Norton, Ryan Reynolds, Al Gore and Sir Richard Branson. Together with Deddy Tzur, he has also worked with renowned directors and actors in China.
Daniel has managed several music catalogs and libraries and was a partner in a full-service music and audio post house among other music startups and ventures. Daniel holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in music and business. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

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Gianluca Cerchiello

Gianluca Cerchiello is a composer and sound designer for visual media based in Los Angeles. A Berklee College of Music graduate in Contemporary Writing & Production, he is also a highly skilled programmer and sound engineer as a certified Logic & Pro Tools expert. A native of Lake Como, Italy, ever since moving to Los Angeles Gianluca has worked with clients such as Sony/Columbia Pictures, Weinstein Company, Netflix, Rai Cinema, Disney, Lionsgate, MGA, Toonzone, Apple, NBCUniversal and Vidicom Media, earning credits as a composer, orchestrator, music producer, sound designer and a post-production engineer for feature films, TV shows and documentaries. He was awarded a Global Music Award for the music of the film The Alps from Above (Vidicom Media).